Average Politigrammer.

Politigram is an online community consisting of autistic teenagers on the popular social media app, Instagram. Unlike normal teenagers, Politigrammers' greatest pleasures consist of reading massive novels that they don't understand, "debating", and posting Wojaks. Politigrammers enjoy LARPing as nonsensical ideologies nobody with a job cares about, including fascism, communism, anarchism, and more. None of this matters however because the average Politigrammer will end up voting for the DNC or GOP anyway because of "Harm reduction" and never tell anyone about their ideology in real life because they have no social skills.

Since Politigram has no management, there is no official date when "Politigram" was created. However, the community likely started to form and post political posts around 2014, with a massive spike in activity and new memberships around the 2016 election period. In 2018, a wiki for Politigram was created, but in June 2020 it was deleted by the Russians. Politigram was prominently featured in the popular 2019 case study, "Politigram and the Post-Left".

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